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Lynn Greenberg, CEO of Pivt tells us about Pivt’s mission, how social well-being and emotional support are essential to relocated and remote workers’ success, and how Pivt provides the tools and support to increase worker productivity and retention, and improve employee well-being, wherever they are. Pivt’s backers include Randi Zuckerberg (Former Director of Marketing at Facebook), Evan Segal (Former Deputy CFO in the Obama Administration), Joe Abrams (Co-Founder of MySpace), Noemis Ventures (Pivt’s lead investor) and other public figures/celebrities.

What is Pivt and what problem is it addressing?

Pivt is the first social app designed to improve the retention and well-being of relocated and mobile employees. By giving employees and their families the tools to get trusted and reliable information, meet interesting people, and build meaningful relationships, Pivt users can make and call any new destination “Home”.

When companies and organizations relocate employees, they often take care of all the logistics of how that employee and their family will arrive in their new location. This includes housing, packing, and shipping of household goods, transportation, and even some cultural acclimation services. Yet, the number one concern of these employees and their families is how they will socially integrate in their new city. Where will they find friends with similar interests? What neighborhoods are the safest or most fun to live in? Which are the best schools to send their children to? Who will be their kids’ new dentist? For too long, employees have been left to their own devices and the result is that while companies spend over $90k (on average) to relocate employees and their families, nearly 1/3rd leave shortly thereafter. Pivt is here to change that equation.

How does Pivt provide social connection?

Pivt connects users to the people they know and should know in their city to get trusted advice and meet socially. Pivt creates communities in every city we launch, where users can identify and engage with other mobile employees with similar interests, backgrounds, and concerns. The app is invite-only (via an employer or through a spouse) and communities are created around the geographic location of users, so users can be sure they are speaking to a real person, in the same city they reside in or are moving to, with corresponding interests/backgrounds. In addition, Pivt’s Community Managers, who are local experts, are available to answer any questions your mobile employees may have in addition to ensuring that all the information on Pivt is accurate.

How does Pivt help other businesses become more effective?

When an employee suffers from stress at home or within their social life, that often translates to decreased productivity and satisfaction at work. At Pivt, we believe a comfortable, socially and emotionally supported, and happy individual leads to a successful and productive worker. By providing

Pivt to employees and families, companies can improve their social lives and support network, leading to increased employee retention and productivity. At the end of the day, Pivt allows employees to say YES to life-changing opportunities in unfamiliar places, and their employers can be more certain in their success.

Is Pivt just for relocated employees?

2020 was a hallmark year for Pivt. With the onset of the pandemic, one in five Americans have relocated or know someone who has due to COVID-19 and the rise of flexible work arrangements. As a result, companies have been forced to implement new types of benefits to prioritize employee well-being and address the negative ramifications of social isolation. Pivt is proudly and emphatically at the forefront of this initiative. Whether relocating an employee and their family to a new city or looking to provide remote workers with the social connections that they are missing from the office, Pivt is uniquely suited to help employers improve their workers (and their families) well-being and productivity.

What differentiates Pivt from other relocation or social media companies?

Pivt is the first-of-its-kind social app designed specifically for a remote and mobile workforce. Pivt’s mission is to give people a platform to take life changing opportunities in unfamiliar places and feel at home anywhere. Our app allows users to filter their network to individuals located in a specific city, join communities that suit their needs and interests, and interact with others living the same experiences.

In the global mobility industry, Pivt complements Relocation Management Companies’ (RMCs) and Destination Service Providers’ (DSPs) offerings by providing social support and connection to other relocated employees (and their families) before, during and after their move.

Pivt provides a unique experience by giving users the social connection and curated information that they need, directly from others with similar experiences. Unlike other social platforms, users will not find fluff, irrelevant information, ads, and spam on Pivt. Additionally, in every city Pivt launches in, Pivt hires Community Managers who are local guides and experts, tasked to answer users’ questions, create and organize events, moderate content to ensure accuracy, and meaningfully engage with users on the app. These differences from other social media platforms and Pivt’s focus on relocated and remote workers are what drove investors such as Randi Zuckerberg (former Director of Marketing at Facebook), Evan Segal (Former CFO in the Obama Administration), and Joe Abrams (Co-Founder of MySpace) to support Pivt’s vision.

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